Making Space for Hearts to Thrive

We want to unleash the individual greatness in people. This is done intentionally through retreats, education, tools, structures, dialogue, and most importantly, modeling the behaviors we want as we create the uncommon work environment we love so much. The creation of a conscious company that will wake the world does not happen by accident. In fact, it takes a lot. Even some math:  Awareness + Choice + Responsibility = Aliveness


Taking Your Space

We have a powerful set of tools that invites rich dialogue from everyone. Titles don't matter. Everyone's a leader. Using these tools creates space for us to share from our hearts.


Policy Deployment

The process we use to map out our goals for the year. It is a mix of who we are and what we do and it touches on everything from operations to engaging in charitable work. It is the guide we use to bring the heart and the head together.


Learning Zones

It's very tempting to take the easy path, the one we know best, but it's more rewarding when success comes from stretching into the unknown with support from your team. The comfort, learning, and panic zones are ones we jump around in all the time. We encourage folks to hang out between the learning and panic zones, which we call the Edge of Possibility (EOP). The EOP is a place you've never ventured into before, but are willing to go because you have the support you need. From this place our employees can stretch and grow in ways they never dreamed possible.


Performance Excellence

Deadlines, operations, and goals are an important part of a company, but they don't define the people who define the brand. That is why we don't just review employees solely on their work. We see how we're living into Tuthill's values, creating flourishing families, and contributing to spirited communities. We also want employees to develop their skills so they can become their best. These reviews provide an opportunity to dialogue about how employees are performing as well as what they've learned.


Training/Awaken U

At Tuthill, our belief that we all have the potential to wake the world is reverberated throughout our organization by a special team of people. These people make up what we like to call "Awaken U". This is a unique program where our employees are both "student" and "teacher", utilizing one another, and the Awaken U. team, as they discover more about consciousness through different courses, coaching sessions, and more. They touch on everything from improving our company processes to challenging employees to discover their passions. Our Awaken U. team is a small, but dynamic, group that helps all of us on our journey to becoming our best selves so that we can create our best life!


We Dare to Make Better

We want to continuously improve everything. Our people, our products, our business. We never settle for just getting it done. We intentionally blend how we do business with who we are being because our belief is that, when business is good and people are thriving, the world becomes better too.


We want to inspire aliveness in the world and we'll need help reaching 7 billion people.

The heart is the symbol of our culture. Tuthill has been a company with heart since 1892. This particular rendition of a heart has a grit to it that shares geometries with the Tuthill logo.
We are a legion of like-hearted people. When each employee pumps their heart into everything they do, we really make a difference. This symbol portrays each individual's heart as part of the greater community. A heart within a heart. See it?
Derived from the heart symbol, our Wake the World symbol represents what's possible when we come alive. It's as if we've reached our full potential, the lid has been blown off, and we're conveniently left with a "W". How about that?
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