Partnerships in Aliveness:
More Than Just Writing a Check

At Tuthill, we’re committed to supporting our cause partners. Whether it’s through volunteer hours or charitable contributions, we take a hands-on approach to aiding our communities. We support organizations who primarily deal with veterans and active duty military personnel, children, and cancer treatment.


We are very deliberate about forming cause partnerships that will help us wake the world. We consider partners that share the following characteristics because we believe they will help us reach our goal.


Tuthill is a Stand for Aliveness

And, in this stand, we looked to partner with an organization who shared our stand for aliveness and we discovered Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon stands for aliveness in the literal sense. Each day 22 veterans take their own lives and it is a goal of Team Rubicon to take on this tragedy. They do this through disaster response which reignites veterans' sense of aliveness and provides them with purpose, community, and self worth. Our nation's veterans are the most skilled and experienced people when it comes to dangerous conditions, so by enabling them to answer the call of those in need, Team Rubicon is saving lives and rebuilding communities.


The 2018 report highlights Tuthill's involvement in the surrounding community, and specifically our engagement with our cause partner, Team Rubicon, a disaster relief non-profit.

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By providing veterans a mission that helps them regain a sense of purpose, community and identity, Team Rubicon is building the strongest, most effective cadre of disaster response workers in the world. It has been very exciting to work with Tuthill as we create a positive change in our communities and eventually the world.
~ Josh Hendricker, Team Rubicon State Administrator (Illinois)

Team Rubicon is always looking for dedicated people to join their ranks! Head over to to learn more about TR and how you can join them on their mission to "Bridge the Gap".


Do you want to Wake the World?

The heart is the symbol of our culture. Tuthill has been a company with heart since 1892. This particular rendition of a heart has a grit to it that shares geometries with the Tuthill logo.
We are a legion of like-hearted people. When each employee pumps their heart into everything they do, we really make a difference. This symbol portrays each individual's heart as part of the greater community. A heart within a heart. See it?
Derived from the heart symbol, our Wake the World symbol represents what's possible when we come alive. It's as if we've reached our full potential, the lid has been blown off, and we're conveniently left with a "W". How about that?
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